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In case of an after-hours emergency, please contact Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists. Note Blue Pearl is not an affiliate of Manhattan Cat Specialists; it is our emergency hospital of choice:

Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists
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New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 767-0099
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House Calls

House call appointments by Manhattan Cat Specialists on Thursdays, serving Manhattan.

At Manhattan Cat Specialists, we realize that cat owners in New York City want expert healthcare for their furry companions, yet they cannot make it to our cat hospital. That is why we bring the services of Manhattan Cat Specialists to your home.

There are many reasons why house calls are requested:

  • Many of our clients have multiple cats, and bringing two, or three, or five (or seven, or sixteen) cats to the office becomes a logistical nightmare.
  • Some cats, with their sixth sense, know that a veterinary visit is imminent, and they hide under the bed or the couch, making their capture and transport to the office an ordeal for the client.
  • Cats who are normally angels at home turn into devils once they enter the veterinary office.
  • Some cats get so nervous on the trip to the vet that they urinate, defecate, or vomit (or all three!) in their carrier on the way to (or from) the office.
  • As our feline population ages, our clientele are aging right along with them, and some of our elderly clients find it increasingly difficult to bring their cat to the office.
  • Many owners would like their terminally ill cats to be euthanized in their own home when the time comes.

For these reasons, Manhattan Cat Specialists has decided to now provide house calls and in-home veterinary services. If you elect to schedule a house call, our veterinarian and veterinary technician will come to your home with the necessary equipment and supplies to give your cat the same kind of experience that he or she gets in the exam room. This includes a complete physical examination, blood and urine collection for lab analysis if necessary, vaccinations, microchipping, feline leukemia and FIV testing, blood typing, subcutaneous fluid administration, ear cleaning, claw trimming, blood pressure measurement, application of Soft Paws, and many other procedures. And of course, when the time is appropriate, euthanasia can be performed in a gentle, compassionate manner at home. We can also take care of the cremation arrangements for you. Of course, some procedures cannot be performed in the home, for example, x-rays and surgery. After the examination, if it is determined that your cat needs these or other advanced diagnostic procedures, or needs to be admitted to our hospital, transporting your cat to our hospital for further treatment would be arranged. Life threatening emergencies cannot wait, and should not be scheduled for house calls. Cats who are having difficulty breathing, are having seizures, are unconscious, or are bleeding uncontrollably should be brought to our practice immediately, or to an emergency hospital if it is after hours.

house calls for cats by veterinarian in New York City

“We had a house call and it was terrific, so much less stressful for the cats and for me.”