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Here are some valuable links as chosen by the hospital’s veterinarians:

  • Cat Man Do – Dr. Arnold Plotnick speaks about professional life experiences as an expert in his field of feline veterinary medicine in New York City.
  • – Cornell Feline Health Center is a veterinary medical specialty center devoted to improving the health and well-being of cats everywhere
  • – The Indoor Cat Initiative is a site to help you enrich the life of your indoor cat
  • – The American Association of Feline Practitioners improves the health and welfare of cats by supporting high standards of practice, continuing education, and scientific investigation.
  • – The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and Boehringer Ingelheim have developed a campaign to educate cat owners about how to watch for subtle signs of sickness and how to know when to contact their veterinarian. Healthy Cats for Life emphasizes the importance of twice-a-year veterinary exams and recognizing behaviors that relate to feline wellness.
  • – Hill’s Science Diet & Prescription Diet: Hill’s Pet Nutrition is dedicated to helping pets reach their full potential through quality nutrition and healthcare.
  • – Since its creation by Dr. Jean Cathary, a veterinarian, in 1967 in France, Royal Canin has become one of the best in Health Nutrition for dogs and cats.
  • – Your cat’s size, age and energy level are a huge part of their unique personality. They are also the reasons that every cats nutritional needs are different. Purina provides important information you need to find the perfect balance for your special friend, including food facts, vitamins and minerals, and allergies and obesity.
  • Catnip Magazine
  • – Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals in need of homes.
  • For Animals Inc. – For Animals, Inc. rescues stray and abandoned dogs and cats and then transports them to a veterinarian office where they are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and checked for general health. Afterwards, they are fostered in a cage free environment until they are adopted into safe, loving homes.
  • Empty Cages Collective – The Empty Cages Collective (ECC) is a New York-based animal and environmental advocacy organization. ECC aims to cultivate a culture where animals are recognized as fellow sentient beings worthy of respectful and compassionate treatment.
  • Arden Moore – Four Legged Life – Pet Life Radio – Arden is an editor, author, professional speaker, radio show host, media consultant and behavior consultant. She travels all over North America to help millions better understand why cats and dogs do what they do.
  • On All Fours Cat Sitting – On All Fours Cat Sitting® has been providing special, reliable, secure, and comprehensive in-home (in your home) cat care throughout Manhattan and Queens since 1998.
  • Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals – The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Inc., powered by Maddie’s Fund, The Pet Rescue Foundation, with support from the ASPCA, is a coalition of more than 150 animal rescue groups and shelters that is working with Animal Care & Control of New York City (AC&C) to end the killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs at AC&C shelters.
  • Humane Society of New York – For over 100 years, the Humane Society of New York has been a presence in New York City, caring for animals in need when illness, injury or homelessness strikes.
  • The CATalyst Council – The CATalyst Council reaches out to all parties – the pet healthcare community, shelter and welfare organizations, government, commercial groups, and the public – to ensure that cats receive the proper care and attention they need and deserve.
  • Urban Cat League – Provides care and protection to New York City’s street cats by helping to find the best situation for each cat that comes under their care.
  • Winn Feline Foundation – The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports studies to improve cat health. Projects funded by Winn provide information that is used every day to treat cat diseases.
  • Animal Endocrine – Dr. Mark E. Peterson, veterinary endocrinologist writes a blog written for owners of pets with endocrine disorders. For more in-depth discussions of the science behind endocrinology, please read his blog written for veterinarians: Insights into Veterinary Endocrinology.
  • w75ba – West 75th Street Block Association
  • – A guide to veterinarian colleges and universities.
  • – Catster is a helpful online source for all things cat related. It offers knowledgeable and trustworthy expert points-of-view as well as a vast wealth of opinions, advice, and wisdom from their large community of cat owners.
  • I-Love-Cats – A website for cat lovers and a cat related website directory.
  • – Cat forums and cat info.

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    We recommend that every feline get examined twice a year, not just when health problems arise. We want your cat's health to be top of mind year long.

  • Custom Health Plans

    Our doctors develop tailored health plans for every stage of your cat's 9 lives.

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