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Upper West Side Feline Physical Examinations

Thorough Assessments from Head-to-Tail

Taking your cat to the vet is never an easy chore. Typically, it involves prying your cat from a hiding spot, finding a way to get them into their carrier, and then listening to heartbreaking meows as you travel to the veterinarian’s office. Oftentimes, your cat might even seem healthy, making you think, “do I really need to take my cat for a physical examination?” At Manhattan Cat Specialists, we always answer that question with a resounding yes. Despite your cat’s outward physical appearance, they age at a rate that is generally 5 to 10 times faster than a human. If doctors recommend that humans get physical exams at least once a year, it makes sense why our Upper West Side veterinarians recommend bringing your cat in for bi-annual physical examinations.

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What Happens During a Feline Physical Examination?

During a physical examination, one of our highly trained veterinarians will evaluate your cat and a provide a head-to-tail assessment. The veterinarian will generally observe the general appearance of your cat, use a stethoscope to listen to your cat’s chest, and feel specific areas of your cat’s body.

During this assessment, the veterinarian will observe, inspect, listen to, or feel:

  • Your cat’s alertness and response or interest to its surroundings
  • Whether your cat is at an appropriate weight or size
  • Your cat’s hair for any excessive dry patches, excessive oiliness, excessive shedding, dandruff, or abnormal hair loss
  • Your cat’s eyes for any redness, discharge, excessive tearing, lumps on his or her eyelids, the ability to close his or her eyelids, signs of vision problems, symptoms of cataracts, etc.
  • Your cat’s ears for any discharge, thickening, or hair loss
  • Your cat’s nose and face for any symmetrical abnormalities, discharge, breathing ability, or any problems associated with skin folds
  • Your cat’s mouth and teeth for any noticeable dental problems, such as broken teeth, excessive drooling, stained lips, ulcers, etc.
  • Your cat’s heart for any abnormal heart rates, abnormal rhythms, or murmurs
  • Your cat’s lungs for any evidence of increased or decreased breath sounds
  • Your cat’s pulse depending upon what your veterinarian heard with the stethoscope
  • Your cat’s lymph nodes to see if there’s any enlargement or pain
  • Your cat’s throat to asses any abnormalities with its thyroid gland
  • Your cat’s legs to look for any evidence of problems with the paws or claws, muscle weakness, nerve problems, etc.
  • Your cat’s abdomen to determine whether the internal organs appear to be normal size as well as to see if your cat displays any evidence of discomfort

After the examination, we carefully document our findings and give you our recommendations for any health problems we find, including advice on nutrition and behavior.

If your cat is overdue for its physical examination, call our Upper West Side office at (917) 242-4235.

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    We recommend that every feline get examined twice a year, not just when health problems arise. We want your cat's health to be top of mind year long.

  • Custom Health Plans

    Our doctors develop tailored health plans for every stage of your cat's 9 lives.

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