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Feline Surgical, Spay & Neuter Procedures on the Upper West Side

The Highest Standards of Surgical Care

At Manhattan Cat Specialists, we know that hearing the word “surgery” can be stressful. This is why we strive to provide all the information about the procedure ahead of time, offer our professional advice, and perform pre-surgical evaluations. As all of our staff are cat owners too, our goal is to be here to ease your stress and fear regarding your feline friend’s surgery.

To discuss surgical options or schedule your cat’s surgery, contact us by calling (917) 242-4235.

General Surgery

Occasionally, cats require surgical intervention. Repairing skin lacerations, removing skin tumors, removing bladder stones, biopsies, and other common procedures are performed at our facilities by experienced veterinarians. More complex surgical procedures may require the utilization of a board-certified veterinary surgeon. Manhattan Cat Specialists works closely with local board-certified surgeons who can come to our hospital when necessary to provide advanced surgical expertise.

Spay & Neuter Surgeries

Cat overpopulation is a very serious problem in the United States. There are simply too many cats and not enough people to care for them. Responsibility is the key to ownership, and a major part of that responsibility is guaranteeing that your cat doesn’t reproduce.

Neutering and spaying are two of the most commonly performed elective surgical procedures. Not only do they help curtail cat overpopulation, they also bring many health and behavioral benefits.

Spaying, or ovariohysterectomy, is the procedure used for female cats. During this procedure, the ovaries and uterus are removed, and the cat can return home the same day.

There are several advantages to spaying, such as:

  • No more heat cycles
  • No more crying, yowling, or trying to escape outside
  • No more unwelcome visits from unneutered males
  • No more uterine infections
  • No ovarian cysts
  • A greatly reduced incidence of mammary cancer if spaying occurs prior to the first heat cycle

Neutering, or castration, is the procedure used for male cats. During this procedure, the testicles are removed, and the cat is able to return home the same day.

The advantages of neutering include:

  • Prevention of spraying or urine marking
  • A reduced urge to roam in search of a mate
  • Less aggression, which in turn, reduces the likelihood of cat-bite abscesses

For more information on the surgical services we provide, call (917) 242-4235 or contact us through our online form.

The Purrrrfect Choice

  • State-Of-The-Art Medicine

    We provide the latest in medicine with an emphasis on sound laboratory and imaging diagnostics, pain minimizing, and discomfort alleviation.

  • Extensive Feline Exams

    We recommend that every feline get examined twice a year, not just when health problems arise. We want your cat's health to be top of mind year long.

  • Custom Health Plans

    Our doctors develop tailored health plans for every stage of your cat's 9 lives.

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