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Cat Vaccinations on the Upper West Side

We Can Help Keep Your Feline’s Immunization Record Up to Date

Vaccines have been an integral part of preventative feline health care programs for several decades. No other medical development has been as successful as vaccination in controlling deadly diseases in companion animals.

Vaccinations can be divided into two broad categories: core vaccines, or those recommended for all cats, and non-core vaccines, or those that may or may not be necessary depending on the individual cat’s lifestyle and circumstances.

At Manhattan Cat Specialists, conveniently located on the Upper West Side, our veterinary staff is committed to educating cat owners about the necessary vaccinations and when your cat requires them.

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Core Vaccinations

Currently, vaccines against panleukopenia, herpes virus, calici virus, and rabies fall into the core vaccine category. The most commonly used vaccine against panleukopenia, herpes virus, and calici virus is a multivalent vaccine containing viral antigens for several disease together in one dose. This vaccination is commonly abbreviated as the FVRCP vaccine.

Non-Core Vaccinations

Vaccines against feline leukemia virus (FeLV), feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), Chlamydophila (a respiratory pathogen formerly called Chlamydia), and Bordetella (another respiratory pathogen), are considered non-core. Some of the non-core vaccines have questionable efficacy and are not generally recommended. The doctors at Manhattan Cat Specialists can advise you as to which vaccinations are appropriate for your cat.

Our Suggested Vaccination Schedule

At Manhattan Cat Specialists, we recommend the following vaccination protocol:

  • The first FVRCP dose at 7 weeks
  • The second FVRCP dose at 10 weeks
  • The third FVRCP dose at 13 weeks
  • The fourth FVRCP dose at 16 weeks
  • The first rabies dose at 16 weeks
  • The next FVRCP and rabies boosters 1 year later.

The FVRCP booster gives your cat immunity for three years. Your cat needs to receive a rabies vaccination annually after the first dosage.

For more information on the suggested vaccination protocol, contact us by calling (917) 242-4235.

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