Veterinary Care


We love to meet and help new clients and their lovable cats. That’s why we are currently running a promotion for $25 off your first visit. We are a feline only practice, because cats have distinct needs. Our mission is to provide your cat with world-class veterinary care at every step of the visit, whether it’s for health exams, parasite control, surgery, vaccinations, dentistry, or more advanced treatments. But there’s only so much you can learn from a website. So give us a call now and tell us a little bit about your cat – we can’t wait to meet you!

I have never written an online review before, but felt compelled to express how great I feel that I finally found wonderful vet. Before I met Dr. Arnold Plotnick I had taken my kitten to three other vets, none of whom could identify his condition and was powerless to help. Big thank you to Dr. Plotnick who correctly diagnosed my kitten’s rare disease. Would highly recommend Manhattan Cat Specialists to other cat owners. -Ellen

Both Dr Plotnick and Dr Sheheri are wonderful and caring veterinarians. I have experience many unique medical issues with my cat that only MCS was able to solve. The office is clean and the staff are attentive to our needs. I highly recommend MCS to any cat owners. -Angel

Dr. Plotnick is an expert. I called frantic one night when my diabetic cat October was having a seizure once again under the treatment of another vet. I googled diabetic cat specialists and he came right up! Not only was I giving the wrong dose of insulin but insulin made for dogs! She has had normal levels for two years now all thanks to him. -Pamela